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Updated on 11/28/11

Book Published


The new book entitled “ Image-Guided and Adaptive Therapy” by R. Timmerman and L. Xing has been published recently by Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins (Baltimore, MD). This book has been developed to meet the growing demand for information, knowledge, and guidelines for the emerging arena of image-guided and adaptive radiation therapy. It provides details on the latest developments, innovations, clinical procedures, and thinking for radiation oncologists, medical physicists, engineers, therapists, dosimetrists, and health care managers. A broad range of topics pertaining to image-guided and adaptive radiotherapy research and clinical activities are covered. Each chapter was contributed by clearly recognized experts in the field. The volume provides a timely overview of the exciting developments in this nascent field, serving as a springboard for those who are interested in clinically implementing various image-guided and adaptive techniques. Take a peek at the book cover and search the availability on the website of Amazon here or the publisher’s website here.

Latest Lab News

ASTRO Scientific Atravel Award (7/16/12)

Bowen Meng has been selected as one of the recipients of the 2012 ASTRO Scientific Abstract/Travel Award for his abstract titled, “Single Scan Scatter Correction in Cone Beam CT Using a Stationary Boundary Blocker and Compressed Sensing Based Scatter Estimation.” Congratulations Bowen and your collaborator Ben Fahimian!

ASTRO Basic Science Abstrat Award (7/16/12)

Dr. Kuang Yu’s work on the Development of XFCT Imaging Strategy for Monitoring the Spatial Distribution of Platinum Drugs was awarded with the 2012 ASTRO Basic Science Abstract Award in the Physics category. Job well done!

"Best in Physics" awards from AAPM (5/8/12)

Great news from AAPM! Two abstracts on X-ray fluorescence by Dr. Kuang Yu et al were selected as the “Best in Physics” (BIP) awards. BIP were the scored highest in the blind abstract review process and were judged to reflect "the highest level of scientific quality and innovation". Keep up the nice work Yu!

NIH K99 Award (5/8/12)

Ruijiang Li was awarded a prestigious NIH Career Development K99 Award recently. The title of his project isReal-Time Volumetric Imaging for Lung Cancer Radiotherapy”.  Congratulations, Rujiang!

News from SNM (5/8/12)

Raiyan Zaman’s work (in collaboration with Dr. M. McConnel, CM Carpenter, G Pratx, C Sun, L Xing), entitled “Development and quantification of a novel intravascular catheter-based radionuclide imaging system” was selected for the Highlight Session at the upcoming SNM annual meeting at Miami Beam, FL, June, 2012. They requested for few slides that will emphasis the goal and findings of this study. Nice job Raiyan!

News from ESTRO (5/8/12)

It is with great pleasure to announce that Dr. Magdalena Bazalova’s abstract entitled "X-ray fluorescence CT for gold nanoparticles and Cisplatin" has been nominated for the ESTRO Best Poster Award at the ESTRO 31 Conference (09-13 May 2012, Barcelona, Spain). Congratulations Magdalena!

News from AAPM (5/8/12)

Lei Xing is elected as a Fellow of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine. He will be recognized at the AAPM Awards Ceremony and Reception during the AAPM 54th Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina in July, 2012. 

Two US patents were granted recently (5/8/12)

Two new patents from our lab were granted recently by the USPTO. They are (1) US Patent # 81213683 entitled “Real-Time Tracking of Human Anatomy Using Combined kV and MV Imaging”, by R. Wiersma, W. Mao and L. Xing, was granted by the USPTO on 2/21/2012; (2)US Patent # 8,144,829 Cone-beam CT Imaging Scheme (by Lei Zhu and Lei Xing), granted in 5/25/12.

Ruijiang received 2011 ASTRO Scientific Abstract Award (11/28/11)

Ruijiang Li received is the recipient of the 2011 Annual Meeting Scientific Abstract Award presented at the ASTRO meeting in Miami. Excellent work! His abstract was also featured in the Oct. Varian Newsletter.

Ran Davidi received DOD PCRP Training Award (11/28/11)

Ran Davidi has been awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP) of Department of Defense! Congratulations, Ran, and keep up great work!

An article named Editor's Pick and Most Downloaded in Medical Physics (11/28/11)

A paper entitled "Bridging the Gap between IMRT and VMAT: Dense Angularly Sampled and Sparse Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (DASSIM-RT)" by Ruijiang Li and Lei Xing was selected to be highlighted under the Editor's Picks column for the August issue on the Medical Physics Scitation site (Med Phys. 38,4913-19 2011). It is also one of the most downloaded papers in Medical Physics Website.

Ran's work with Gabor T. Herman highlighted in the journal (7/25/11)

The research work that Ran Davidi did with Gabor T. Herman (City University of New York) is highlighted in the Inverse Problems journal.

Guillem’s article honored as the 2nd most downloaded (7/25/11)

Guillem Pratx’s article on GPU computing is listed as the 2nd most downloaded paper in Medical Physics journal. Great job!

Jianguo's PMB paper named one of the most downloaded in 2010 (5/10/11)

The article entitled “Dose reconstruction for volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) using cone-beam CT and dynamic log files”, by J. Qian, L. Lee, W. Liu, K. Chu, E. Mok, G. Luxton, Q. Le, and L. Xing, is listed in the most downloaded papers of all articles published in Physics in Medicine and Biology in 2010.

Dr. Lei Xing is named the Jacob Haimson Professor (11/8/10)

Congratulations to Dr. Lei Xing, who recently has been appointed as the Jacob Haimson Professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Stanford. An appointment to an endowed chair is the highest honor the university can bestow on a faculty member. The fund for the endowed professorship comes from a generous gift from Dr. Jacob Haimson and Dr. Sarah Donaldson. Jacob Haimson, DSc is the President of Haimson Research Corporation in Santa Clara and an internationally recognized authority in the design of microwave electron linear accelerators. Sarah S. Donaldson, MD is the Catharine and Howard Avery Professor in the School of Medicine and Associate Chair and Associate Program Director in the Department of Radiation Oncology. Upon Dr. Donaldson’s retirement from Stanford, the name will change to the Sarah S. Donaldson and Jacob Haimson Professor. This is the first endowed chair given to a department of radiation oncology specifically intended to be held by a radiation physicist. Thank you, Drs. Haimson and Donaldson, for your generosity and for your strong support of radiation physics at Stanford!

An article is named as the “Editor's Picks” in Medical Physics (8/9/10)

A paper by Colin Carpenter et al, entitled “Hybrid x-ray/optical luminescence imaging: Characterization of experimental conditions”, is among the “Editor’s Picks” of the August issue of Medical Physics. Keep up great work!

Colin received a grant from Center of Biological Imaging at Stanford (8/6/10)

Colin Carpenter, PhD has recently received a grant award from CBIS (Center of Biological Imaging at Stanford) support his research on multimodality molecular imaging. Congratulations and good luck on your project Colin!

Our work on nanomedicine highlighted at AAPM (7/21/10)

Our research on Nanomedicine development are highlighted in the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 52nd Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, July 18 - 22, 2010. The Medical News also reported the work.

Guillem received an AAPM seed grant award (7/19/10)

Guillem Pratx has recently received a Seed Grant Award from AAPM (American Association of Physicists in Medicine) to support his research project of using X-ray activatable nanophosphors for anatomical and molecular imaging. This is the only proposal funded by AAPM this year. Congratulations!

Pioneering work on inverse planning featured in AIRO (7/17/10)

That’s right, compressed sensing and total-variation regularization are coming to the world of inverse planning for IMRT and VMAT. If you are a fan of signal processing, inverse problem and applied mathematics, please do not miss the work of L. Zhu and L Xing in Medical Physics. This pioneering work will be featured in ADVANCE for Imaging & Radiation Oncology.

Jianguo's PMB paper featured and highlighted (7/1/10)

Jianguo's paper on dose reconstruction for volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) is highlighted as a featured article in Physics in Medicine and Biology » and a weekly Editor's Choice on medicalphysicsweb.org ». A recent news coverage “VMAT: determining the delivered dose” contains additional information about this work.

Guillem received Stanford Dean’s Postdoctoral Fellowship (5/14/10)

Guillem Pratx has recently received a Dean’s Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford University School of Medicine to support his research on X-ray luminescence computed tomography, a new molecular imaging modality.

Colin awarded DoD BCRP Training Award (4/21/10)

Colin Carpenter has recently received a postdoctoral training award from Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program to support his research on molecular imaging using nanoparticles. Congratulations!

Lasitha received DoD PCRP Training Award (11/23/09)

Lasitha Senadheera has recently received a postdoctoral fellowship from Department of Defense to support his research initiative in therapeutic response monitoring of radiation treatment by hyperpolarized 13C metabolic imaging. This multidisciplinary project will be mentored by Profs. L. Xing and D. Spielman (Radiology) and will be leveraged by the outstanding expertise and resources available at Stanford. Indeed, in cancer imaging, one of the major problems is the lack of biological imaging techniques for accurate tumor target definition and for assessing the therapeutic response. 13C MRSI is an exciting new area of research and has the potential to provide an unprecedented >50,000 fold signal enhancement in MR spectroscopic imaging signal. Using hyperpolarized 13C pyruvate substrate, Lasitha hope to observe the changes in pyruvate metabolism, including lactate production (which has been considered as a hallmark of tumor cells), during cancer therapeutics. Congratulations and best of luck in the proposed study.

Xing's research highlighted in the PCRP newsletter (8/24/09)

Dr. Xing’s recent research (W81XWH-05-1-0041) on prostate IMRT inverse planning is selected as one of the outstanding projects sponsored by the USAMRMC prostate cancer research program (PCRP) and highlighted in the PCRP newsletter. Congratulations!

Collaborative project sponsored by Korean government (8/24/09)

A collaborative project between Stanford Medical Physics Group and Catholic University Bioengineering department has been funded by Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. The goal of this six-year key project sponsored by Korean government is to advance image guided radiation therapy and molecular imaging techniques by combining the expertise of the Stanford and Catholic University groups. An International Symposium “Future Vision of New Technology: Medical Physics, Radiation Oncology, Molecular Imaging” will be held in Catholic University Medical Center in Oct. 10th ,2009. Dr. Richard Hoppe (Chairman of Stanford University Radiation Oncology Department) and Dr. Chris Contact (Co-Director of Stanford Molecular Imaging Program (MIPS)) are among the distinguished speaker list of the symposium.

Yaoqin's paper highlighted in the red journal (8/1/09)

Dr. Yaoqin Xie’s article entitled “ Tissue Feature-Based and Segmented Deformable Image Registration for Improved Modeling of Shear Movement of Lungs” is highlighted in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics (Vol. 74, Issue 4, 15 July 2009, Pages 1256-1265).

Wu Liu and Lei Zhu received 2009 ASTRO Basic Science Travel Awards (7/19/09)

Wu and Lei won these competitive awards for new strategies of tumor motion tracking and treatment planning, respectively.

Lei Zhu awarded 2009 AAPM Annual Meeting Travel Grant by ASTRO (6/10/09)

Lei won this competitive award for his outstanding work in scattering correction for cone beam CT (CBCT).

Wu and Jianguo received DoD PCRP Training Award (4/1/09)

Wu and Jianguo achieved the awards for their proposals of treatment plan verification and ultra-low dose CBCT, respectively.

Yang's paper among the most highly downloaded and cited of PMB (12/15/08)

Yang's paper entitled “Evaluation of on-board kV cone beam CT (CBCT) based dose calculation” was among the most highly downloaded articles of Physics in Medical Biology (PMB) and the most cited paper of PMB in 2008.

Welcome newborn boy Vidu of Lasitha (11/05/08)

Both mother Himasha and the son are healthy. Now Lasitha is going to be busy with his precious son!

Rodney & Weihua’s work featured in the news at medicalphysicsweb (8/25/08)

Their work on real-time image guided radiation therapy was featured in the news at medicalphysicsweb.com. See the article “Fiducial tracking shows practical promise(Aug 25, 2008) for details.

Jing and Wu awarded 2008 AAPM Annual Meeting Travel Grant by ASTRO (6/15/08)

Jing and Wu won these competitive awards based on their excellent work in low-dose cone beam CT (CBCT) and tumor motion tracking, respectively..

Two boys born on the same day! (6/6/08)

Amazing! Jing and Yunzhi, each got a newborn boy on the same day. Congratulations to the two happy families!

Xing Lab's research featured in an article on medicalphysicsweb (1/29/2007)

The research of Dr. Xing’s group was featured in a recent article on medicalphysicsweb.org. See the article “IGRT: you ain't seen nothing yet” (Jan 29, 2007) for details.  

Tianfang's work on 4D CBCT featured in Medical Physics (6/6/07)

Tianfang’s research on 4D cone beam CT reconstruction was featured in the cover of Medical Physics (Volume 34, No. 9, 2007).

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